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Astana, April 8: The inauguration of Nursultan Nazarbayev as the re-elected President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, following his victory in the election on April 3, took place in Astana on April 8.

At the ornate Palace of Independence, Nazarbayev took the Oath of Office pronouncing: “I swear to faithfully serve the people of Kazakhstan, strictly observe the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, guarantee the rights and freedoms of citizens, conscientiously fulfil the entrusted to me high duties of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.” Following this, the Chairman of Kazakhstan’s Central Election Commission Kuandyk Turgankulov presented a Certificate of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

In his inaugural speech that followed, Nazarbayev expressed his deep gratitude to the people of Kazakhstan for giving him the vote of strong confidence during the election. 

“This is the best assessment of our common work on creating such a successful state that our Kazakhstan has become,” the President said. 

The newly installed President also thanked foreign leaders: “As you know, I received many congratulations from the heads of state of Russia, China, the CIS countries, the European Union, and many others, and these congratulations continue to come. I gratefully accept them because they mean a wholehearted support not only for the choice of the people of Kazakhstan, but also for our strategic course,” the President told the audience which included members of government, parliament and the diplomatic corps.  

“We have overcome the economic collapse and created an efficient economy integrated into the modern global world. We withstood the challenges of the global financial and economic crisis thanks to a strong social orientation of our anti-crisis measures... We decided to rely on the accelerated industrialisation and innovation development,” Nazarbayev said in a speech televised live on national TV. 

The head of state pointed out that throughout the country new industries and new jobs are being created. Today, Kazakhstan is moving towards its goal—becoming one of the fifty most competitive countries in the world. On a number of indicators, Kazakhstan has already entered the first fifty of the world. 

“We have supported the entrepreneurial class and made it a real and effective member of economic development. We expect that by 2020 the contribution of small and medium-sized businesses into the country’s GDP will be at least 40 percent. We are developing a policy of open economy to attract new direct and portfolio investments. We intend to ensure that foreign and local investors have the same conditions for participation in industrialisation,” the President said. 

Having ensured post-crisis economic growth of seven percent, Kazakhstan made a decisive turn toward social development and improved quality of life. The country prioritises the development of education and the improvement of the health care system, as well as the environmental protection, according to Nazarbayev. 

Nazarbayev also noted that four critical concepts will be key to Kazakhstan’s success in the 21st century. They are: modernisation, the wellbeing of the people, innovation, and integration. While modernisation is the main core of all government policies, and the well-being of the people is the main condition for progress, the President stressed that the country’s future success is impossible without innovations and activisation of research and development.  

“By the third decade, we will create all conditions for Kazakhstan’s transition into the ranks of the industrialised countries. By this, we will triumphantly conclude the historic strategy “Kazakhstan—2030” and begin developing even more ambitious plans for the next decade, which will be implemented by our children and grandchildren, who will remember that we created a strong base for them,” Nazarbayev said. 

The President stressed that the integration and openness to the world is Kazakhstan’s deliberate choice. Together with Russia and Belarus, Kazakhstan will continue developing the Customs Union and form a strong economic union  in Eurasia in the coming years. Kazakhstan is committed to expanding mutually beneficial cooperation with China. The country also aims at strengthening the strategic partnership with the United States, the European Union, the Central Asian neighbours, and the Turkophone countries. Under Kazakhstan’s Chairmanship of the Organisation of Islamic Conference this year, the county will expand its cooperation with the Muslim world. Moreover, Kazakhstan will continue to actively participate in a number of other international organizations, according to Nazarbayev. 

“I believe the Kazakh nation will successfully continue the path of stability and prosperity. I believe our future victories will enhance the honour and dignity of the nation and strengthen the power of our country. Today, Kazakhstan is a confident nation with strong ambitions, capable of setting high goals and achieving them. We have proved it. We will prove it again. I believe in the people of Kazakhstan. I believe in our country!” the President concluded.  

Soon after the inauguration, the Government, acting in accordance with the Constitution resigned in full opening for the newly installed President the opportunity to appoint a new team.

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