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Statement by Kazakhstan

on explanation of position at the 80th plenary meeting of the UNGA

Agenda item: Prevention of armed conflict: Strengthening the role of mediation in the peaceful settlement of disputes, conflict prevention and resolution:

draft resolution “Territorial Integrity of Ukraine”(A/68/L.39)

(27 March 2014, New York)


    The crisis in Ukraine is particularly painful and sensitive for Kazakhstan. For centuries, the Kazakh, Russian and Ukrainian people have been living always in friendship and accord. Today, Kazakhstan is the home for Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Germans, Poles, Koreans and many others living in peace and harmony. We all together raise our children, strengthen unity and friendship, and create a prosperous future for our common land of Kazakhstan.

    In its statements, Kazakhstan has repeatedly confirmed its adherence to the fundamental principles of International Law. We are interested that Ukraine remains a sovereign, stable and independent state.

    The economic recovery of Ukraine is the main priority and prerequisite for the full-fledged normalization of the country’s situation.

    Kazakhstan always follows an independent foreign policy based on a balance of interests. Kazakhstan’s position, that conflicts should be resolved through negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations, reflects the views and interests of the majority of states of the world.

    In today’s critical circumstances, we have to act taking into account the accomplished facts (fait accompli) and current reality. It is of crucial importance to heed the voice of reason and to search all possible ways for a peaceful settlement of the crisis trough political and diplomatic means, and within the framework of internationally agreed formats.

    Kazakhstan calls upon all parties involved to leave behind emotions, mutual accusations and finger pointing, and refuse the language of ultimatums and sanctions.

    We should not allow further escalation of tensions, but avoid transforming the situation into a more complex form which could lead to unpredictable consequences of both a regional and global scale.

    We stand ready to promote and support international mediation efforts, facilitate the negotiation process among all parties concerned and their leaders, with a view to the earliest resolution of the situation in Ukraine.

    In light of the above mentioned, Kazakhstan has “abstained” during the voting.


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